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Magnewin Energy Pvt. Ltd.

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Capacitor manufacturing starts with clean rooms. The complete manufacturing and operations starting from winding
Engineering Services
Harmonics Measurement, Analysis and mitigation in accordance to IEEE 519 and in compliance to G5/4-1 standards.

Energy Storage Capacitors, Low Inductance Capacitors, Medium Voltage Capacitors, High Voltage Capacitors, LV, MV and HV Power Capacitor, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Sangli, Maharashtra, India

Energy Storage Capacitors
Voltage Dividers up to 20 nH
Energy Storage Capacitors
Low Voltage Shunt Capacitors
All Film-Foil NPCB Impregnated Type
Medium Voltage Surge Capacitors
/ Banks up to 145 KV.
Medium & High Voltage Surge Capacitors up to 50 Kv.
Medium Frequency Water cooled Capacitors. Up to 7200 KVAr.
Medium Frequency Water Cooled
Energy Storage & Pulse discharge capacitors. up to 100 Kj
Low inductance Capacitors. Up to 20 nH.
Energy Storage Capacitors
Magnewin Energy Pvt. Ltd. , established in 1994 an ISO certified, professionally managed company is one of the leading manufacturer of all film foil, NPCB impregnated LV, MV & HV Power Capacitors for a variety of applications which include Power factor improvement, harmonic filtration and Special Capacitors for Govt. of India Defense and Research institutes.
Our establishment is outcome of 30+years of industry experience followed by state of art manufacturing and testing infrastructure, which has made us proud to claim of manufacturing world class capacitors for major applications.
Our experienced team of engineers can work out and design solutions to all complex problems related power quality and energy conservation.
We manufacture range of capacitors i.e Energy Storage Capacitors, Water Cooled Capacitors, Furnace Duty Capacitors, LV Capacitors, MV Capacitors, HV Capacitors, Harmonic Filters, Voltage Dividers, Pulse Discharge Capacitors, High Voltage Capacitors, Low Inductance Capacitors, Surge Capacitors, Medium Frequency Water Cooled Capacitor, Shunt Capacitors.
Energy Storage Capacitors  
Energy Storage capacitors are classified into different categories depending on maximum peak current, repetition rate, working temperature, storage temperature, or inductance values.
Energy Storage Capacitors
Energy Storage Capacitors
Magnewin Energy Pvt. Ltd.
• For Research & Defense
• For Induction Heating & Melting
• For Power Factor improvement & Harmonic Filter Capacitors
• For Suppression of voltage Surge & Switching Transients

Plot No. K-2, MIDC, Kupwad, Dist. Sangli - 416436, Maharashtra, INDIA.
Tel. No.: +91-233-2645641 / 2645642 / 2645141 / 5644456
Fax No. : +91-233-2645856,
Cell : +91 - 94230 02258
Visit Also At : www.magnewinenergy.com, www.watercooledcapacitors.net, www.furnacedutycapacitors.net, www.energystoragecapacitors.net, www.lowinductancecapacitors.net, www.harmonicfilters.co.in, www.surgecapacitors.in, www.pulsedischargecapacitors.net